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Sanford Porchfest volunteer

I have no idea what i'm doing?

Sit back and relax. Catch up with some of your neighbors. Meet new ones. Here are a few suggestions to help you enjoy the day:

  • Pack a picnic

  • Fill up your reusable water bottles

  • Bring a lightweight chair or blanket to sit on

  • Avoid driving if possible: walk, bike, or cart your way around the festival

  • Bring sunscreen or a hat, whatever is needed for an afternoon outdoors

  • Afterwards, enjoy dinner/drinks at one of our fine establishments downtown


Rules, what rules?

You are responsible for your own behavior, safety and welfare at Porchfest. Everyone remains individually responsible to conduct themselves under civil regulations of law and order. However, we have a few rules to help everyone enjoy themselves and maintain a safe environment for all:

  • Pack it in, pack it out: please only leave footprints and take only pictures

  • Follow all city ordinances in place

  • Stay out of the city streets and remain safe, using all sidewalks and crosswalks

  • Remember that the porches are actual homesteads: be respectful of our host’s property


Where am I going and when?

Centrally located within the historic residential district of downtown Sanford, various porches will host various artists throughout the afternoon. Staggered at different times from 12:00 am-6:00 pm on the fourth Saturday of every February, Porchfest set times are designed with mingling in mind. 

Schedule and map are annually released in January. Stay connected by liking our social media pages: Facebook and Instagram

How much does it all cost me?

For you? Nothing. We created this festival with goodwill in mind. Imagine an event where no one got paid, no one paid, and yet everyone benefitted?? Introducing… Sanford Porchfest. Our performers and porches were all given freely with one thing in mind – hospitality and community. However, please feel free to tip those who make you move your feet and get up off your seat (or grassy spot)!  


We also gladly accept tax-deductible donations to our nonprofit organization and there are various sponsorship opportunities for the festival click here.

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