porch host applications

The 5th Annual Sanford Porchfest will be held on Saturday, February 26th 11:00-7:00 pm. 

Want to be a porch (or stoop, or yard or driveway) host for Sanford Porchfest? We’re looking for hospitable neighbors who are interested in being a part of the magic.

Open call for porch hosts occurs April - June and are confirmed by mid-July for the following February festival.

Host Requirements:

  • Be available on on the fourth Saturday of February

  • As a Porchfest goodwill ambassador, be willing to donate your space and power (minimal) during that entire timeframe.

  • Fill out the form.

  • Be a hospitable host for the performers (no one will need to go inside of your home).

  • Keep track of the schedules, making sure the set times stay on time

  • Serve as a Porchfest partner and person in-charge; remain responsible for happenings on your own property. 

  • Offer trash and recycle receptacles for your yard guests.

  • Get the word out to your neighbors and friends! 

Information re: being a Porch Host:

  • All addresses are vetted and approved through city officials

  • All approved addresses are included in the event's insurance

  • Open call remains open April - June and confirmed by mid-July

  • Questions? Email us at team@sanfordporchfest.org


As a thank you, you’ll be gifted with an official festival shirt, merch or other small token of our appreciation!