porch host applications


All 2022 Porch Hosts have been filled.


To be considered for 2023, please fill out the application. We will follow up with you in

Summer of 2022 when applications launch.



The 5th Annual Sanford Porchfest will be held on Saturday, February 26th 11:00-7:00 pm. 

Want to be a porch (or stoop, or yard or driveway) host for Sanford Porchfest? We’re looking for hospitable neighbors who are interested in being a part of the magic.

Open call for porch hosts occurs April - June and are confirmed by mid-July for the following February festival.

Host Requirements:

  • Be available on on the fourth Saturday of February

  • As a Porchfest goodwill ambassador, be willing to donate your space and power (minimal) during that entire timeframe.

  • Fill out the form.

  • Be a hospitable host for the performers (no one will need to go inside of your home).

  • Keep track of the schedules, making sure the set times stay on time

  • Serve as a Porchfest partner and person in-charge; remain responsible for happenings on your own property. 

  • Offer trash and recycle receptacles for your yard guests.

  • Get the word out to your neighbors and friends! 

Information re: being a Porch Host:

  • All addresses are vetted and approved through city officials

  • All approved addresses are included in the event's insurance

  • Open call remains open April - June and confirmed by mid-July

  • Questions? Email us at team@sanfordporchfest.org


As a thank you, you’ll be gifted with an official festival shirt, merch or other small token of our appreciation!